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Although Sardinia is full of magnificent seaside destinations, Villasimius, undoubtedly, deserves to take pride of place amongst all of these.

Distinguished by a still uncontaminated environment, Villasimius is famous for its thirty-five kilometre stretches of white sandy beaches and shallow waters. And need we say that with the sea water always at a pleasant temperature and even when swimming close to the shoreline you will swim amongst schools of numerous multi-coloured fish, makes it easy to understand why Villasimius is so famous.

Less than an hour from Cagliari airport, the beauty of the location is immediately stated by the connecting shoreline with its breath-taking panorama.

Sun and sea, alternating coves and vast stretches of beach surrounded by cliff faces and rocky outcrops, create the setting for the most relaxing holiday ever imagined.

But more specifically, the proactive protection of the natural environment has made Villasimius an extremely popular tourist destination. In fact, large yachts are prohibited from coming close to these coastlines in order to protect the environment: Costa Smeralda has its nightclubs, Villasimius possesses the natural heritage of the Protected Marine Area of Capo Carbonara.

This has made the magic of the location unchanged and so an encounter with the large loggerhead sea turtles and colonies of pink flamingos resting on the Stagno di Notteri is not a rare event.

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